Bleacher Report's Eric Mack joined Friday's Overtime to share fantasy football advice. 

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Who are some fantasy football sleepers?

"It's a weird category because if you say a name they are going to reach up and pick them in the third round. Jeremy Maclin is currently the 29th rated receiver of a consensus of analysts in the world. Then in the average draft position he's around the 28th. So he's out of the top 25 receivers. He's a No. 3 receiver. I think this guy is a No. 1. I know he's coming off injury, coming off reconstructive knee surgery, but even in July of last year he's 13 months removed. He's going to be healthy and is in that offense with Chip Kelly that is going to run a lot of plays...There's a lot of points to be had just because they are going to run a lot of plays. Jeremy Maclin could be a candidate for 1,500 yards and 12+ touchdowns. Then, if you want some deeper sleepers, you could play really deep at the running back position. Knile Davis is the handcuff to Jamaal Charles and he has a wicked injury history. He's arguably the No. 1 overall pick, and you go to protect that guy. Davis is third running back in the playoffs for Charles, so when (Charles) had a concussion, he had a good game. It's Andy Reid's West Coast team that gets the running back heavily involved and I like Davis as a sleeper. A couple more, Tre Mason at running back. I think he's this year's Zac Stacy. Down the stretch he will help fantasy owners. He will be a late-round pick. And maybe Andre Williams with the (New York) Giants, another running back."

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