Most people wouldn't continue to show up at sporting events after the reception President Donald Trump got at the World Series and UFC 244 last week, but it won't stop Trump from attending the LSU-Alabama game this Saturday.

President Trump will attend the highly anticipated matchup between No. 2 LSU and No. 3 Alabama in Tuscaloosa.

This comes on the heels of mixed reactions to his appearances at the World Series and UFC.

Trump was met with way more boos than cheers in both D.C and New York City as he made a couple of rare appearances at sporting events during his tenure as President of the United States.

Even though there were the boos, there were plenty of those in attendance breaking out their phones to grab a video or picture of the President at both events.

It really does make a lot of sense though that after those two reactions that he would show up in a Trump dominated state like Alabama where he most likely will receive a different reaction than the other two events.

As much as people in the sports world will be watching the game itself, there will be a whole different group of folks tuning in solely to see the reaction of the fans to the President.

Alabama will face off against LSU on CBS at 2:30 PM CT.