How many places in Sioux Falls will you find that serve a burrito? It may take you a while to add them up with dozens of choices but there is a clear standout to me when it comes to ordering said item. Although my choice may be different than yours, how I like my burrito will most likely be different.

Did you hear about the Burrito Battle in Sioux Falls? Nope, me either. I was preoccupied with the Downtown Burger Battle. But I recently read an article about who has the best burrito in town. For me, the number one choice would be Casa del Rey. Ever since moving to Sioux Falls in 1989 and being introduced to Don Smith's Reyrito burrito, there is nothing else that comes close. Don't worry, they have eight others on the menu to choose from.

Now when it comes to a quick pick-up at the end of the week I stop by and pick up a bowl at Qdoba. It's on my way home, it's fresh and fast. And this is the only fast-food joint I prefer.

My burrito sort of turns into a fajita bowl. I like to think that when I order it in a bowl it will be a feast. And to that end, put mine in a bowl large enough for all 8 ingredients. Best part? You can tell them you want more!

The lime rice is the base followed by a little scoop of black bean and steak. No need for queso here. Shovel in the sautéed veggies and two large scoops of pico. Top it off with guacamole, cotija, some fresh diced cilantro, and a squeeze of fresh lime.


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