Bleacher Report's Dan Levy joined Jeff Thurn on Wednesday’s edition of Overtime.

Levy (@DanLevyThinks) is a Bleacher Report National Lead Writer.

Thurn asks Levy if the United States 2-1 victory over Ghana on Monday was an improbable win?

"Well, I think going into it, they should have won. I think it was probable in they were the better team. I think if you watched the match you thought they were lucky. I think the early goal, that never happens. So, for that to happen, it changed the whole make-up of the game. I do think most teams would have played differently had that goal not occurred, but Ghana really dominated the match and the U.S. hung on for dear life and then had a miraculous finish after the equalizer, everyone thought a draw was the best you were going to get. That goal (by John Brooks) is historic honestly."

What's the latest on the health of Jozy Altidore's hamstring? 

"Well, (Jurgen) Klinsmann is being careful how he is wording it. I heard earlier in the day he hopes to be back for Portugal (on Sunday), then I heard him say he hopes he will be back at some point in the World Cup. I can't imagine he is going to play even if he's healthy with the conditions and the humidity that high. I just can't imagine he would even bother risking. Maybe as a sub if he is able to walk, but right now with how bad that looks, I would be surprised if he even suited up."

Does the injury to Altidore question the move to keep him instead of Landon Donovan?

"Well, I think Jozy was going to be there no matter what. Look, I think Landon should have made the team over some of the midfielders. So, when Klinsmann came out and said I only look at Landon Donovan as a striker, I didn't see anyone he was going to go over, maybe Chris Wondolowski. They do a little bit different things, Klinsmann really likes Wondolowski. He might be the one who starts. I think Aron Johannsson deserves another shot. He was playing out of position sort of because he was trying to do Jozy's job. If he starts at the beginning, I think the whole package is different, but I would not be surprised if Wondolowski gets that start."

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