The latest ESPN College Football Power Rankings have been released and many have opinions about the Top 5.

ESPN has Bama #1, Penn State #2, TCU #3, Georgia #4 and Clemson #5.

What has some people upset is a one loss Clemson in the Top 5 while undefeated Miami and Wisconsin are left out of the Top 5.

Clemson has had the tougher schedule but undefeated means something to a lot of people and it isn't to say Clemson wont have the better record come years end, currently they don't so how can they be considered better.

Wisconsin still continues to win games and win games convincingly but they are not getting the respect nationally that many believe they should be getting.

Others might argue that a one loss Ohio State should be in the Top 5 over Clemson considering TOSU's loss came to a Top10 Oklahoma team while Clemson's loss came to a unranked Syracuse team.

As week 9 approaches, Alabama will be on a bye, Penn State has a huge test against Ohio State, TCU travels to Iowa State, Georgia will battle Florida and Clemson will host Georgia Tech.