Dan Dakich of ESPN joined Jeff Thurn on Wednesday's edition of Overtime.

Dakich (@dandakich) played and coached formerly for the Indiana Hoosiers. He is now an ESPN broadcaster.

Michigan defeated Ohio State on Tuesday night, and on Wednesdsay, Dakich discussed how the Michigan Wolverines are winning despite losing Trey Burke and Tim Hardaway, Jr., to the NBA last summer.

"Yes and no. I felt like with (Mitch) McGary back and playing like they did last year, they were a Final Four team, and I really believe that, but I think with him out, their rotation between Horford and Morgan, those two guys play without looking over their shoulder. Horford was big two nights ago. I don't his box score, but he was big time. He finished around the rim, and Walton made him better, got him the ball in the right place, but he defended, rebounded in traffic, out of his own area. Those two guys are getting about 13 and 10, which I don't think McGary would have done a whole lot more than that, but more importantly solidified everything about the team. Surprised, but I know John Belien is one of the best coaches in America and you know what, when you have players like Stauskas, Robinson, two guys better inside, two point guards, you have a chance with a good chance. While, I am surprised at their record, I am not at their success."

Dakich on the Big Ten and if it diminishes the image of the conference, considering there is so much parity.

"I don't know the real answer to that. I know a few week's ago, the Big Ten had a couple teams, Ohio State and Wisconsin, in the top five and I've seen top five teams, and been around college basketball for a long time, and I didn't think either of teams were top five teams, but they were playing pretty good, winning games and kind of got there by default. But it was a deal when you said these teams were great, and then they came back to earth. Look, Northwestern isn't very good, Penn State is not very good, Nebraska is not very good, and they have beaten some of these top-tier teams. When it's great for them as a program, but it's not great for teams getting beat to say, 'Oh we are a top-tier NCAA tournament team.' Well, if you are, you shouldn't be getting beat by some of those teams. So, yeah, maybe it does a little bit, and I'm not really sure."

To hear more of Dakich's interview with Thurn, listen below:

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