Current Dallas Cowboys safety Ha Ha Clinton-Dix had an encounter with a Bear...and no, it wasn't a Chicago Bear.

The former Packers and Bears safety found himself in a situation in which he was faced with a bear and its cub. No, Clinton-Dix didn't use his instincts of tackling Bears players in the past to get rid of them. No, Clinton-Dix didn't channel his inner Khabib Nurmagomedov and wrestle the bear. In this instance, Clinton-Dix jumped off his scooter and ran the other direction. The entire incident was posted to Clinton-Dix's Instagram page.

Hey, it worked! Clinton-Dix escaped without injury and the two bears were spooked away by the scooter. If that's all it takes to get bears to run away, can we get some scooters delivered to US Bank Stadium, Lambeau Field, and Ford Field ASAP?

Jokes aside, at least nobody and no animal got hurt in the encounter.

Clinton-Dix signed as a member of the Cowboys back in April of 2020. He was drafted by the Packers in the first round of the 2014 NFL Draft. He played his first five seasons in Green Bay before moving on to Washington for the 2018 season. After one year with the Redskins, Clinton-Dix signed a one-year deal with the Bears for 2019. He left the Bears after one season.

During his NFL career, Clinton-Dix has played in 96 games totaling 522 tackles and 16 interceptions.

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