It's no secret that it's been a pretty rough year for people having problems on the ice. We've had hundreds of anglers float away on ice sheets on Upper Red Lake. We've had an airplane go through the ice, too. Many four-wheelers have broken through the unusually thin ice for this time of year. Fishhouses too!

So what happens when you lose your valuable stuff like your four-wheeler or thousands of dollars of gear? You end up having to hire professionals to pull it out. How do they do it?

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I recently found a company post exactly how they do it step by step. Tri-State Diving located in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota does recovery work and has over 30 years of experience. They also are a full-service scuba dive service provider as well.

The Weather Channel interviewed Tri-State Diving recently. Gary Thompson says that he usually averages one dive a week to recover something. This year has been busier.

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Cooler temperatures are finally in the forecast and the lakes should be freezing up soon. Hopefully, we'll get enough good ice that he and his team can catch a break.

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