Finding black bears in northern Minnesota is common. But it's not every day you find a Minnesota black bear playing like a little kid.

It's fun to remember the days as children running through sprinklers to beat the heat. One Minnesota black bear was caught in an adorable video discovering sprinklers for the first time.

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Mike Miller sent a video to Fox 9 of a black bear roaming near his cabin in Biwabik, Minnesota. Mike tells Fox 9 it's not unusual to find black bears by his cabin. Since it's located in a remote area of Minnesota, black bears "fairly consistently" are found in the neighborhood.

The video recorded the black bear around 6:15 AM on Tuesday morning. The black bear was making its way toward a hummingbird feeder when he stumbled upon a sprinkler. He had been eyeing the hummingbird feeder for a few weeks, and Mike was planning on removing the feeder for safety reasons. However, this bear never made it to the hummingbird feeder and instead found a new interest: A sprinkler!

What a sweet video of this bear enjoying life in the great outdoors!

Minnesotans are not blind to the danger each bear presents. The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources wants to remind Minnesota residents that "if anyone encounters a bear that does not leave on its own, "boldly shout, bang pots, slam doors or throw something" in order to scare the bear away. Homeowners should also remove birdfeeders or other food sources that could attract bear."

It's better to watch these amazing animals from a safe distance.

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