When you were a kid you probably went exploring, hoping to find a hidden treasure. It may have only been in the backyard or in a nearby grove of trees, maybe along a river shoreline. But who knows, you might just discover an old coin worth a million dollars!

What you actually unearthed was an old pop bottle. A discarded oil can. Maybe a broken pair of plastic sunglasses.

But part of the fun was just the exploring. And now you can do that exploring right in your own home and you just might discover that is actually a true life treasure.

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Forbes is the money people. Whether it's in an actual magazine or online, Forbes has been synonymous with money/investments/riches for decades. And they say there are hidden treasures you don't have to venture out with a metal detector to find. These treasures are close to home...your home.

Now you might not become a millionaire (but you might, hope springs eternal) but couldn't most of us use some extra cash? And who knows, among that 'old stuff' there could be that one thing that hits the jackpot! And even if not, it might do you good to take a trip down memory lane looking through it all.

And you can still go ahead, take the metal detector, and hunt out there in the backyard.

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