The Sioux Falls Police Department prides itself on the brave men and women who protect our city. But some of their heroes have four legs and a tail!

There are some courageous dogs on the force of the Sioux Falls Police Department and they have been hard at work. K9s train hard and work to be the best to protect the city.

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It's awesome to see the Sioux Falls Police Department recognizing some of the best K9s on the team. For example, K9s Bram and Hugo were huge assets in some arrests this past week. On the other side of the job, another K9 favorite Leo was busy with a very important mission. He was looking for hidden treats!

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Some of the police work done within the Sioux Falls Police Department could not be accomplished without the help of these loyal K9s.

K9's Bram and Hugo were undefeated in hide in seek and located several wanted subjects that had run from police resulting in several arrests. Meanwhile K9 Leo spent the week tracking all the dog treats that are hidden in various offices. Great work by our K9's.

Leo has been part of the Sioux Falls Police Department for a little over a year. As the first therapy dog of the team, Leo's job is to help people feel more at ease when interacting with police and providing comfort during difficult times. Leo also provides some stress relief to his fellow officers.

Working in law enforcement is a tough job. K9s like Bram, Hugo, and Leo help rescue Sioux Falls Police Department officers from bad days.

Good boys!

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Gallery Credit: Karla Brown


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