It's getting to be that time of year again. Soon the smell of sulfur and the sound of explosions will drift through the South Dakota air like bald eagles on the hunt.

It's almost the Fourth of July. That means fireworks! Before the end of June, small stands, tents in parking lots, and the big buildings just outside of Sioux Falls will be stocking their shelves with combustible fun.

When Do Fireworks go on Sale in South Dakota?

When Can You Buy Fireworks in South Dakota?

South Dakota law says that retail fireworks can be sold and\ discharged, from June 27 until July 5.

And as a heads up, the law says you can't buy them between midnight and 7:00 AM. There isn't an age limit on buying fireworks.

Also, you can't light off fireworks in state and national parks in South Dakota.

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When Do Fireworks go on Sale in South Dakota?

Can I Shoot Off Fireworks in Sioux Falls?

If you live in the city limits of Sioux Falls, there is another thing to keep in mind. Sioux Falls city ordinance prohibits the use of most fireworks within the city limits.

You can use sparklers, snakes, and other fireworks that do not have "an audible report, projectile, or launching component."

What's the Fine for Shooting Fireworks in Sioux Falls City Limits?

What happens if you get caught shooting some bottle rockets in town? Well, if a police officer sees fireworks being discharged they can issue a citation which carries a $95 fine.

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