Sioux Falls is a buzz right now with the swarms of mosquitoes running rampant throughout the Sioux Empire this summer.

Thanks to the excessive rainfall, flooding, heat, and humidity the mosquito problem in the Sioux Falls area is beyond crazy.

You literally can't spend more than just a few minutes outdoors without becoming a 3-course meal for hundreds of mosquitoes.

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And good luck trying to find mosquito repellant in most area stores, the shelves have been wiped clean in many cases. Bug spray is flying off the shelves, and is becoming as challenging to find as toilet paper was during the heart of the COVID pandemic.

Marc Elliott-Townsquare Media-Sioux Falls
Marc Elliott-Townsquare Media-Sioux Falls

According to Dakota News Now, the mosquito surge currently plaguing Sioux Falls is the worst this region has experienced in ten years.

Attempting to mow the yard, go for a walk, hit the bike trails, take a dip in the pool, play some golf, or do pretty much anything outdoors without bathing in bug spray first, will result in you being eaten alive!

What's being done to battle the bugs?

Dakota News Now reports the city of Sioux Falls and surrounding communities have begun mosquito spraying and setting out mosquito traps.

Sioux Falls Environmental Health Manager Dominic Miller told Dakota News Now, “Our lab team, has been counting every single mosquito in the traps. One of the traps last week had 4,600 mosquitos in it, one trap.”

Teams have been testing mosquitoes individually to identify those possibly carrying diseases.

It's an all-hands-on-deck situation right now, as Sioux Falls and surrounding communities use every tool at their disposal to help curb the swarms of skeeters surging throughout the Sioux Empire.

Source: Dakota News Now 

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