Over the past couple of years, the thought of being able to shoot fireworks safely in the Sioux Falls area has been in question due to the drought conditions that have plagued the Sioux Empire.

This year, not so much. It's the exact opposite. Thanks to the recent monsoon we experienced, the Sioux Falls area has all kinds of precipitation on the ground. For that matter,  in most areas throughout southeastern South Dakota, it won't stop raining.

Great news if you're a mosquito or a fireworks vendor, but not so great if you're a flood victim or a member of the farming community that has been trying to get crops in the field for some time now.

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Given the volume of precipitation we've seen, fireworks sales in the Sioux Empire will likely skyrocket this season, and there should be plenty of skyrockets in flight this 4th of July night if Mother Nature doesn't douse us with another round of showers and thunderstorms which unfortunately, is starting to look somewhat likely for Thursday night.

The biggest challenge this 4th of July could very well be finding someplace dry to let those fireworks of yours fly.

Even with all the precipitation this year, fireworks vendors are still recommending you use caution when it comes to discharging your pyrotechnics displays.

Mike Hogen, with All-Star Fireworks near Harrisburg, told Dakota News Now that fire prevention is still important, so remember to douse your shot fireworks with water.

Hogen says, “They can still start on fire. That’s usually where we see most of the problems, you take your spent fireworks and put them in a garbage pile, and it lights some of that on fire or burns down a garage.”

The National Safety Council has put together a rather expansive list of firework safety tips to help keep you safe this Independence Day. It's filled with common sense stuff like, not letting young children handle fireworks, not holding lit fireworks in your hands, always keeping a bucket of water handy to fully extinguish fireworks that don't go off, etc.

You can see their complete fireworks safety list here.

Remember, fireworks start an average of 19,000 fires and are responsible for nearly 10,000 injuries each year.  Please do your part to follow these common-sense safety tips to make sure you and your family remain safe this 4th of July fireworks season.

Source: Dakota News Now/ National Safety Council

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