The United States of America may have a birthdate of 1776, but that doesn't mean our forefathers waited until late in the 18th century to enjoy their favorite alcoholic beverages.

In fact, the oldest bar on record in what would become the USA actually pre-dates the founding of the nation by more than 100 years.

According to a new list from Vinepair, the distinction of the oldest bar belongs to the White Horse Tavern in Newport, Rhode Island, which first opened its doors in 1673.

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It would be nearly 180 years later before we would see bars come to what we now know as the Tri-State area of South Dakota, Iowa, and Minnesota.

Breitbach's Country Dining - Balltown IA
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The oldest bar in the Hawkeye State actually pre-dates the Civil War by nearly a decade.

Balltown's Breitbach’s Country Dining first began serving in 1852, six years after Iowa was granted statehood. It's been owned by the Breibach family since 1862.

Buffalo Bodega - Deadwood SD
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The Mount Rushmore State's oldest bar opened more than 20 years before the southern half of the Dakota Territory became South Dakota.

The Buffalo Bodega Bar in Deadwood first opened in 1877 and is named after 'Buffalo' Bill Cody, who was a personal friend of the owner, Mike Russell.

Neumann's Bar - St. Paul MN
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Minnesota's oldest drinking establishment is Neumann’s Bar in North St. Paul, which dates back to 1887. The North Star State bar opened to serve Hamm’s beer and the brewery actually provided the back bar that remains there to this day.

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