This weekend is supposed to be the unofficial start of summer right? 

We should have all winter weather in the rearview mirror by now, right?  Not so fast.  Forecasters have been saying rain is possible starting Thursday for a good share of North Dakota for a week now.  This could be the beginning of a somewhat soggy Memorial weekend for us.

The mention of frost has also popped up over the last couple of days in the forecast as well.  Early Saturday morning looks like our best chance for that with overnight lows Friday night in the mid-30s.

Now, the "S" word has also reared its ugly name in the forecast too. $hit!

Here's the latest forecast from The Weather Channel for Bismarck Mandan.

The Weather Channel
The Weather Channel

According to The Weather Channel forecast, snow may mix in early Friday morning.  It doesn't appear at this time that there will be any accumulations.

However, according to one weather model, we could see some accumulating snow (especially in western North Dakota) from Thursday evening into Friday morning.  Check out this map.

American Weather Model/GFS
American Weather Model/GFS

Now, before you weather Karen's and Kevin's get all bent out of shape.  This is NOT a forecast, but a weather model.  This does not mean we are going to get piles of snow Friday morning, but it is interesting.

Either way, it does appear Friday is going to be a very "raw" day.

Be prepared to cover your plants if necessary.  We should recover nicely on Saturday with highs around 70 and fairly light winds.  Saturday appears to be our best day all Memorial weekend as far as the weather goes.  Make the most of it.  Summer is short in North Dakota.

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