With news coming out again that anglers had to be rescued after an ice floe broke loose on Upper Red Lake, an old video from Upper Red began making the rounds again online. While the video is still spectacular/jaw-dropping it's also 6 years old.

While I was reading more about the recent rescue mission, that news organizations say resulted in getting 122 ice fishermen, back to shore after a sheet of ice broke off on Upper Red Lake.

That's when I noticed some ice fishing pages sharing the above video, and linking it to the ice rescue from Friday afternoon.

When I first saw the video pop up I was just amazed, but once I thought about it and tried to search out the video online, I kept getting the 2017 video shared to YouTube.

The video shows two SUVs driving along Upper Red Lake on top of the 30" of ice while pushing through several inches of melting snow and rain that fell on Presidents Day in February of 2017 according to Bring Me The News.

The two vehicles in the video made it through the water without incident and didn't require any rescue. That hasn't been the case so far this year.

Ice rescues seem to be more of a normal thing, sadly, the last few years and not only on Upper Red Lake but other lakes across Minnesota, including Lake of the Woods recently having a 'bomber' fall through 12" of ice, resulting in the death of a 78-year-old man from Wisconsin. 

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If you are going out ice fishing soon, remember to use good ish fishing practices, and don't forget to clean up after yourselves when you are done.

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