The new "Keep It Clean" law in Minnesota will impact many ice anglers this winter.   Glen Schmitt from Outdoor News joined me on WJON.  Schmitt says the law went into effect throughout the state in July but was already in place in extreme northern Minnesota last winter.

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The law says that not only do you need to take your trash with you when you leave the lake but now you can no longer leave it on the ice while fishing.  It needs to be in a shelter, a bag or a vehicle.  Garbage of any type is covered in this law. It is a $100 fine if this law is violated.  Schmitt expects there to be an educational process early in the season with warnings from conservation officers.

Schmitt believes the law was needed because some ice anglers dumped their whole sewage tank on the ice when leaving the lake. He thinks most anglers respect and keep lakes clean but some have not, which has led to this change.


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