According to Forbes' list of the richest people in each state in 2024, Iowa's top earner is a self-made billionaire from the world of agriculture! Meet Harry Stine:

Harry Stine got his start in the agriculture business at the ripe old age of five. His father was a Dallas County farmer, so he learned to drive a tractor and pick up straw bales at a very young age. Forbes says that Harry, who was "dyslexic and mildly autistic," became fascinated by seeds as a kid. In 1964, Harry joined his father’s soybean cleaning business, and that's when he took things to the next level. Stine Seed's website reads:

"Harry’s interest in research and seed breeding started when he found some unusual soybean plants in one of the company fields. He saw the value and profit opportunities that breeding, developing and growing newer, higher-yielding soybean varieties would have for his company and farmers. While yield checking the soybean lines, he came to understand what a conventional breeding program could bring to the soybean industry and growers."

Harry made his fortune as the founder of Stine Seed Company, which has "one of the most prolific, highest-yielding corn and soybean breeding programs in the world." The official website says that Stine Seed is actually the largest independent seed company in the entire U.S.! At the age of 82, Harry is currently worth around $10.8 billion. But, he still lives and works in Adel.

Harry may be the richest man in Iowa, but he's number 237 on Forbes' World Billionaires List. You can read more about the richest people in all 50 states for 2024 HERE.

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