After watching a new road in Iowa or Illinois get repaired or replaced with asphalt, have you or someone know said, "It's going to be all torn up by the end of winter." That's not as true as you and I think.

It's hard to admit we're not experts in every aspect of life, but I think it's time to admit our ignorance on the subject. Davenport city officials took some time to dispel myths about why asphalt is used more to resurface or repair roads than concrete.

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Asphalt vs. Concrete

The folks at the Davenport Public Works Department let us know why they use asphalt over concrete. The reason for the social media post was to help put a few myths to bed.

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In the social media post, Davenport Public Works officials said that the City began using varying applications on higher volume roads a few years ago due to its cost, durability, low maintenance, and reduced travel inconvenience over time.

Application on higher volume roads, like E 53rd St, involves the installation of a drainable rock base and a base, intermediate, and surface course of asphalt. Each course has its own material specification for oils, rocks, and other materials; the mix gets tighter in composition as it becomes closer to the surface. The depth of the layers is specified based on expected traffic/wear.

For example, E 53rd St comprises 10 inches of specified layers of asphalt. The base and first intermediate courses are made to be fatigue-resistant. The second intermediate and the surface course are high-wearing and made for high-traffic road experiences.

Asphalt Is Cheaper And Easier To Fix

Unlike concrete that would need to be entirely removed to be repaired in the future, Davenport officials point out that the top few inches of asphalt will be milled and replaced when needed.

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When repairing or replacing those top few inches of asphalt when needed, there is minimal travel inconvenience and it's less expensive than the replacement of more rigid concrete.

Really, it's saving money and giving you less headaches in the future when you see the orange cones and signs back out on the roads.

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