Zombies have never really scared me.  I mean, the zombie pub crawls that happen are a little bit spooky but they don't terrify me to the point that I'm going to hole myself up in my house and keep a stash of nonperishable food items so I can survive an apocalypse.  In other words, my house is NOT the one you will want to seek shelter in when that time comes.  But, I didn't realize that zombies were a real thing and that they were impacting Minnesota right now.  Well, not in the way you are thinking.

Photo by Mathieu Stern on Unsplash /Canva
Photo by Mathieu Stern on Unsplash

Aftermath of Zombies Are Hitting Minnesota Right Now!

I was sitting on my deck tonight, enjoying these last few days in Minnesota before mosquitos show up and swarm my body, and then I caught a whiff of something.  And then, the smell got stronger and it started to look hazy outside too.  Maybe I should have stashed some food away.  ;)


I knew that we had an air quality alert due to the fires in Canada but I wanted to know WHY.  How in the world are fires ALREADY starting up there and blowing that thick smoke all the way through Minnesota, Iowa, and Wisconsin?

The answer:  zombies.

Ok, it is a little bit more than just zombies.  A phrase called "zombie fires" is circulating thanks to this latest surge of fires up in Canada.

What Are Zombie Fires?

According to CNN, zombie fires are happening right now in Canada and happen when fires continue to happen underground during the winter.  Those hot coals just sit there and smolder.  When it starts to warm up and the winds pick up, the fires gain traction and start spreading.

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Are the Wildfires in Canada Getting Worse?

Based on my asthmatic lungs that have had to take severe precautions and extra puffs of inhalers the past few years, I would personally say that the wildfires are getting worse.  The facts though show that yes, the fires seem to be a bit worse than in the past.

Based on a story by USAToday, there are 138 active wildfires in Canada that are being fought right now.  Last year was the worst wildfire season on record in Canada with 6,551 fires destroying about 46 million acres.  According to CNN, Canadian fire officials have indicated that the 2024 season may rival what was seen in 2023 and could be an "explosive" fire season.

In other words, those masks that we bought in bulk during the pandemic might be useful again if we want to be outside at all this summer.


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