If you are making plans with the family to head to Minneapolis to check out a Minnesota Twins baseball game, once you find your seats at Target Field - take a look around you. See that beer guy peddling icy-cold adult beverages, or that man carrying the small oven-looking contraption filled with hot dogs? There's a good chance both of those vendors aren't from the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. There's actually a good chance they aren't even from the state of Minnesota.

According to BringMeTheNews.com, the company in charge of Target Field concessions has been facing a problem - not enough workers! Because of the lack of help for these part-time jobs, Delaware North Sportservice has had to start busing in workers from other states.

Not only did the Minnesota Twins welcome the Los Angeles Angels to Target Field the weekend of April 15, 16, and 17, 2016, but they also welcomed help from about 150 cooks, cashiers, dishwashers, concession stand employees and vendors from Milwaukee and Green Bay, Wisconsin and Chicago, Illinois.

Delaware North Sportservice claims that because of a lack of locals applying for these positions, they have had to cover the cost of wages for the out-of-state help, along with the transportation costs and hotel rooms.

But the quick fix of busing in workers from other states has also caused a bit of a controversy. Certain Minneapolis based groups claim that it is "outrageous" that Delaware North Sportservice should have to bus in workers from other states because there are plenty of unemployed people in the Twin Cities that could use the jobs.

To prove that the concession company wants to hire locally and not through temporary worker agencies, they will be holding two Target Field job fairs in April, 2016.

Those interested must have a valid ID, be at least 16-years old and be able to pass a background check and drug test.

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