Last week we all got the big NFL schedule to reveal, but tucked inside of all of that was the announcement of the preseason opponents.

Traditionally, the preseason schedule is released about a week or two earlier than the regular season schedule. Why didn't that happen this year? With the current COVID-19 pandemic ongoing, there seems to be a decent chance that preseason football might not even happen to begin with. Because of that, it appears that the NFL decided to quietly announce the opponents. They hid it so well that most team websites have it posted at the bottom of the website under the regular-season schedule.

Regardless, if a preseason actually takes place, the Minnesota Vikings will see Houston (Week 1) and Seattle (Week 4) in both seasons. This has become a little more common over the last few years. Minnesota will host both teams during the preseason and travel to both cities in the regular season. Trips to AFC North's Cincinnati and Cleveland will be sandwiched between the two.

This will mark the fifth straight preseason in which the Vikings and Seahawks will meet. The Vikings and Texans had a run of preseason games from 2011-2013. For Cleveland and Cincinnati, preseason games between them are much more uncommon. Minnesota and Cleveland met in 2002, with the Vikings and Bengals not playing in that capacity since 1997.

Minnesota Vikings 2020 Preseason Schedule

  • Week 1: vs. Houston (August 13-17)
  • Week 2: @ Cincinnati (August 20-24)
  • Week 3: @ Cleveland (August 30, 3:00 PM)
  • Week 4: vs. Seattle (September 3-4)
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2020 Minnesota Vikings Schedule

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