Adrian Peterson can't seem to stay away from trouble. Montgomery County in Texas has requested the arrest of Peterson following him admitting that he smoked weed prior to a drug test.

Montgomery County is also the same county that Peterson is facing charges of child abuse. Peterson was set free from that initial arrest on a $15,000. The county is now seeking that bond be taken back and Peterson put behind bars.

Peterson admitted to "smoking a little weed" to a county employee prior to taking the drug test, according to Bill Delmore. Delmore is the Assistant District Attorney for the state of Texas.

Regardless of whether Peterson is re-arrested over this, as they have to prove it was done after bond was issued, Peterson would be in line to violate the NFL Substance Abuse Policy with the test. That, being a first time offender, would get him a four game suspension. That would be on top of the NFL's latest domestic abuse policy which could net him six games.

That is if he is allowed to return in general. Peterson's trial is set for December 1st.