As many of you listened to our coverage of Super Bowl XLVII LIVE from New Orleans over the last few days, you heard me talk about how great the NOLA did of hosting this year’s big event.


I was not exaggerating as they did a tremendous job of hosting the game, the festivities and the fans.


From the time I walked off the airplane to the time the wheels went up as I departed, I was thoroughly impressed.


When it came to safety, New Orleans had enough law enforcement personnel to handle the large crowds and no matter where we traveled, from Bourbon Street, to Mid City, to the Convention Center to the Superdome, there were no reports that I heard of individuals having issues with safety.


As anyone knows that has been to New Orleans, it can be defined by a few aspects: Food, Music and Parties.


While in the Big Easy, I certainly experienced all of those aspects in addition to the Super Bowl festivities.


Whether it was the oysters or the shrimp or the Cajun food, it all was delicious and the restaurants held nothing back in making sure each and everyone was treated to a real New Orleans experience.


The music in the streets is a site to see. Watching the street performers or hearing the music come from the local establishments certainly enhanced the trip as a whole.


And oh yeah, we did dabble in a few late night parties that had their own twist on New Orleans mixed in to each event.


Being a part of three Super Bowls in my young history as a Sports Radio Host, I can compare this Super Bowl to that of Miami in the whole experience. Dallas was a debacle, Miami was legit and New Orleans hit that same level as Miami for me.


Prior to my trip to New Orleans, I had the opinion that there should be two sites for Super Bowls: Miami and New Orleans. After my trip, I have confirmed that thought process by experiencing such a good time and would be perfectly content attending the big game in those locations every other year.


I am open minded though and am excited to see what New York will be like next year, but I will tell you this... They will have to have the luck of the weather gods and make sure to live up to the hype and experience of Super Bowl XLVII.


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