The schedule lines up nicely this week for fans of the Vikings, Packers, and Broncos around Sioux Falls. All three teams will have their games on.

CBS will hold this week's doubleheader and locally we will see the non-dominate game in terms of distribution. The early window is rather lacking for CBS, as the networks have a choice between the Chiefs/Giants, Ravens/Packers, or Jaguars/Browns. That's it. Not a hard decision for Sioux Falls as we'll see the Ravens and Packers.

The second part of the CBS doubleheader features a choice between the Raiders/Patriots in Mexico City or the Bengals/Broncos. A majority of the country will see Raiders/Patriots, but almost the entire midwest including Sioux Falls will receive the Cincinnati/Denver game.

No surprise on FOX's side for Sioux Falls. We're a Vikings town and that's the game that we will see 99% of the time it's on (outlier by the way was back in 2011 when KTTW aired a Packers/Chiefs game over Minnesota/New Orleans). This week's game against the Rams will be seen in about half of the country, with the other half split mostly to the Redskins/Saints game.

If you’re ever curious about which games will be shown in the area, there are a couple of places you can find listings. First, my personal favorite, NFL distribution maps are put out by the staff at 506Sports. KTTW and KELO-TV also both list the scheduled games on their respective webpages. As a reminder, all games are subject to change (but rarely do).

Here are the games that will be shown in Sioux Falls for the NFL Week 10:

  • Thursday Night, 7:25: Tennessee @ Pittsburgh (NFL Network/NBC)
  • Sunday, 12:00: Los Angeles Rams @ Minnesota (FOX)
  • Sunday, 12:00: Baltimore @ Green Bay (CBS)
  • Sunday, 3:25: Cincinnati @ Denver (CBS)
  • Sunday, 7:30: Philadelphia @ Dallas (NBC)
  • Monday, 7:30: Atlanta @ Seattle (ESPN)

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