So, what do you do when the NFL team you just bought finishes 2-14, your offense ranked 30th in the NFL with an average of 15.9 points per game, you bench your former first round draft pick quarterback, and your team finished dead last in your division?

Unveil a new logo! Yup, that should solve everything.

On Tuesday, new Jacksonville Jaguars owner Shahid Khan unveiled the team's redesigned logo, which they hope will spark the team for the coming season. Jaguars President Mark Lamping said it reflects a "new era for the Jaguars."

Of course, if Jaguars fans were expecting a dynamic new look, they can keep hoping. It does look more like a 'real' jaguar and it is a bit brighter, incorporating more white in the logo, but that's about it.

Bleacher Report seemed to like the new look: "This one has a clean, modern feel to it. And with the Jaguars in full rebuild mode, that was the way to go."

But, it seems to come across more like an old-school college football, or minor league sports team logo than one for a mordern NFL team.

What do you think of the new Jaguars look?

Perhaps the Jaguars will look visually better on the field, but they are still stuck with a first year coach, Gus Bradley, that has never been a head coach before, a starting quarterback, Blaine Gabbert, that no one in the organization seems sold on, and a new GM, Dave Caldwell, who will have to basically start from scratch.

So, enjoy the new look Jaguars fans, because the product on the field will probably be more of the same for years to come.

I wonder if the Los Angeles Jaguars will keep the same logo?

Jacksonville Jaguars Old and New Logo

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