Note to the Democratic Party: No, it was not FBI Director Comey's fault that Hillary Clinton lost to Donald Trump. It was yours.

You were so determined to make history (again) by getting a woman elected president that you ignored Clinton's obvious baggage and flaws and pushed forward despite warnings. Despite people's perceptions of her husband, Bill, Benghazi, the Foundation and lest we forget (and how could we) her emails.

Were these blown way out of proportion? Absolutely. Welcome to politics.

Let's be honest, there were better candidates without the baggage - from, yes, Bernie, to Joe Biden, to Elizabeth Warren and so on. I stand by my comments from earlier in this election that Biden, who was beloved on both sides of the aisle and had no baggage, would have destroyed Trump in a general election.

Still, it was Hillary from the start and nothing was going to derail that train.

It didn't help that Clinton ran a terrible campaign, ignoring white middle class America (especially in the Rust Belt, which ultimately led to her undoing) in an attempt to keep the Obama Coalition together.

Yes, we are a very multi-cultural country (as we should be), but yes, one of those cultures is white rural America. I'm sure many of them were looking for someone else to vote for besides Trump.

I am also sure that many of them felt ignored by Clinton. How many times did she visit Wisconsin by the way? Oh, that's right. 0.

As the Republican Party has to look within to see where it is going now that Donald Trump is their new leader, so does the Democratic Party. As the GOP allowed the alt-right to hijack its party, so has the Democrats allowed the far-left to hijack theirs.

I registered as an Independent this year, but once upon a time I was the exact audience Clinton should have been courting: a Blue Dog Republican - a middle class white guy that was a fiscal conservative, but a social liberal. If I had still been that person I would have felt ignored too.

She failed to court that audience and she did so at her peril.

So no, don't point the finger at Comey (the same guy you were lauding when he announced there was no criminal acts the first time around). Point the finger at yourself.

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