National MLB Columnist Scott Miller joined Jeff Thurn on Friday's edition of Overtime. 

Miller (@ScottMillerBbl) is a national MLB columnist for Bleacher Report and Turner Sports.

The Minnesota Twins just put Aaron Hicks on the seven-day disabled list with concussion-like symptoms. Hicks was batting .178, one home run and seven RBI's before the injury. Thurn asks Miller what is going to be the future for the Twins in centerfield and if Hicks can turn things around? 

"Well, they'd still like him to be part of the future in centerfield. Yeah, you worry in a case like that because the Twins are a young team, they're losing, and they're trying to figure things out. One of the first things you think is a guy like him is last year, did they bring him up too soon? Is his confidence shot? Did it set him back a little bit? My gut instinct without having talked to the Twins about this is no because I really think they have smart management. Terry Ryan at general manager, Ron Gardenhire at manager, I think those guys know what they're doing and I wouldn't think they didn't bring him too early, but there's no question, you expected some steps forward this year and ha hasn't made them.   Now, you have to look at him, and the Twins have to look and wonder, 'what is our future in centerfield,' because we thought it was going to be this guy and still hope it's going to be this guy, but what's the next step?"

At 9-17, much has been the same for Chicago Cubs fans in 2014. Miller discusses if there's relief on the way for them? 

"Yeah, that is very, very true. A couple things, he didn't really put a timetable on things, Theo Epstein didn't, but they are looking at a four to five-year rebuilding process and yeah, he wanted to strip things down, and rebuild the farm system. Their big thing when they came in was we got to restock our farm system because there's nothing and it's barren. So, they're trying to put a reasonably Major League team on the field while restocking the minor league team, and that's very, very difficult. I think they would have hoped it would gone quicker than this, but the other thing within this is just after Epstein came around, MLB changed the draft rules in terms of compensation. What's offered, and when a guy is going to become a free agent, what kind of draft pick are you going to get as part as compensation? They made it harder to rebuild through the draft and Epstein at the time, the Cubs were very unhappy because that was going to be how we were going to rebuild and do it quicker. I know they think that slows them down a little bit, but it's been no question, a long road for Cubs fans. I will say that I know Anthony Rizzo was having a big day today, they like him a lot. I will say I talked to a couple of scouts in Arizona this spring, they feel they have a couple of legit prospects, specifically that shortstop kid, (Javier) Baez. Their mouths were drooling over that kid. They said he is going to be really, really good. I think they do have a couple of pieces, but they still have a little ways to go."

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