Anthony Wright/KSOO-AM

Mayor Mike Huether submitted to the City Council a recommended general fund operating budget of $140.8 million for 2014. The budget reflects his commitment to move Sioux Falls forward while keeping expenditures in line with revenue.

Recognizing a booming local economy, general revenues are projected to grow at 6.0 percent, generating an additional $7.8 million in new revenues in 2014. Capturing the opportunities of this revenue increase, the recommended budget allows for a 5.9 percent growth in expenditures.

“Our goals with this budget are to maintain the City’s financial strength, stay ahead of growth, enhance quality of life for residents and strengthen return on the taxpayer dollar,” says Mayor Huether. “We truly have listened to the citizens of Sioux Falls and created a budget that truly reflects their values and priorities.”

The 2014 recommended general fund operating budget provides solid investments in police and fire protection, public health, street maintenance and recreational opportunities, and human resources in line with Sioux Falls growth.

The Mayor’s total 2014 recommended budget is $386.5 million, which, in addition to general operating expenditures, includes funding the City’s utility services and capital projects. The capital program focuses on strengthening infrastructure, enhancing quality of life with investments in parks and recreation facilities, and boosting public safety. The Mayor’s recommended five-year capital program was submitted to the Council earlier this month.

“Every City department really comes together to create a budget that meets a variety of needs,” says Tracy Turbak, Director of Finance. “City government must think differently to increase productivity, improve service levels and capture opportunities.”

The Mayor’s 2014 recommended budget is available online.