I grew up in South Dakota and I certainly know that I contributed to this latest ranking for the state of South Dakota with that 28 I had on my ACT's.  I knew eventually that would come in to help out this great state of ours and my intellectual presence would be felt...

Enough with the BS, lets get to the real news.

South Dakota or S dot D as I like to refer to it as, is the 11th smartest state according to a ranking done lately by the Washington Post.

The Post took the SAT, ACT, IQ and graduation percentages from each state and came up with a "Intelligence Score."

Our score in South Dakota ended up being 19.2, just short of Colorado who had a score of 19.5 but just above our neighbors to the south as Nebraska scored a 18.5.

So how did the other states in our area do?

Well Minnesota ended up at #2 behind Massachusetts who took home the honor of the smartest state.

Wisconsin was 5th, Iowa was 8th and North Dakota came in 14th.

Check out all the "Intellegence Scores" out for each state.