Forget the catch of the year. This may go down as the the catch of the century.

During Thursday night's Standford-UCLA game, Cardinal wideout Francis Owusu somehow reeled in this 41-yard touchdown pass on the back end of a razzle dazzle play that culminated in his bringing down a pass in the end zone from quarterback Kevin Hogan.

"Bringing down" may not be the proper way to describe it. No, Owusu pinned the ball while it was against the defender's back. "Hugged" the pass is probably a more accurate way to describe his effort.

Let's also give credit to Owusu for making the catch on a slightly underthrown ball. His play helped Stanford stomp all over the Bruins, 56-35.

Get an up-close look at Owusu's catch below to see just how off the charts it was.

Francis Owusu
Getty Images

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