Scott Van Pelt and Ryen Russillo will be relaunching the popular SVP and Russillo show as a podcast.

SVP and Russillo was one of the most popular shows that we aired here on ESPN 99.1, and we know a lot of people will be excited about this. The two worked together from 2012-2015 and split after SVP began his new Sportscenter adventure. On the most recent episode of Russillo's podcast, Ryen and Scott detailed that they will be returning in podcast form.

"Here's the thing. You and I were really lucky to do something that we both loved. We have also been lucky to be able to do things separately that we both love and things have worked out okay," Van Pelt said, "but you and I would also end up on the phone and have half hour conversations that at the end of them we'd laugh and say how it could be a podcast. So why don't we just do this and why don't we just give the people what they want?"

The SVP and Russillo podcast won't be a daily show for download. The initial idea will be to do a monthly podcast, but it could potentially morph into more episodes in the future.

"Just thinking out loud, I know we're going to do this monthly but once football season comes guess would be that once a month isn't going to suffice then, is it?" Van Pelt said. "I wouldn't think so," Russillo responded.

The entire conversation where they detail out the idea of bringing back the show in podcast form can be found here.

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