LA Lakers

Take a Hike Shaq
Tuesday Night had some interesting events occur at Staples Center during the Lakers and Suns game.
First of all Kobe Bryant was held to only 4 points during the entire game, yet the Lakers won.
But even funnier than Kobe only scoring four points was Will Ferrel (Dressed As A Usher) escorting one of th…
Same Old Kobe (VIDEO)
While the LA Lakers have struggled as a team, Kobe Bryant has been the one constant force.
Give him credit too, he has changed his style to fit these guys and to help his team win.  Whether its been the extra assists to just being a vocal leader even more than he has in the past, Kobe has evolve…
Jack Nicholson Says Peace Out to the Lakers
A staple court-side at the Staples Center every Lakers home game is Jack Nicholson. He usually gets there early and stays til the end.
With the Lakers team in disaray and no end in sight, maybe even Jack is getting a little tired of what's going on in LA LA Land...