As someone who is very into health and fitness, I am always interested in the next breakthrough in the industry. Yesterday I got to experience Cryotherapy at REDLine Ultra and I will never go back to strapping on an ice pack.

The Cryotherapy machine offers different temperature settings from -249 F all the way to -321 F, along with optional zonal cooling. I started out at -278 for the first time and plan on making it to -321 at some point.

No matter the exposure, cryotherapy stimulates the release of endorphins and other substances known to: reduce inflammation and alleviate pain, stimulate and improve the body's blood circulation and speed post-training/competition muscle recovery.

It's a little awkward because you walk around in a circle in either your boxers or naked while getting shot at with liquid nitrogen. My first concern was whether my male parts were going to make it out unharmed, but I made it through.

Later in the day I could definitely could tell that I had more energy and even felt more lose compared to when I walked into the gym. If you don't believe the hype, go try it for yourself but I know I'm definitely going to make this apart of my routine going forward.

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