What exactly is the Full Circle Book Coop?

Full Circle Book Coop in Downtown Sioux Falls (123 West 10th Street) opened in 2018 and since then has been a kind of cozy haven for writers, readers, and other art lovers, as well as beer lovers, wine aficionados, and lovers of a good cup of coffee.

To use their words, the goal for FCBC- -

 is to create a vibrant community centered business where people can shop, learn, and create during the day, and experience the creative artistic community at night.- -Full Circle Book Coop


When you walk in the door at Full Circle Book Coop (FCBC) what will you find?

Tons of new and used books, cheeky merchandise, clothing, gift items, an event space, coffee, beer, and wine, for sipping material while you cozy up to a good book. Because, yes, people still do that!

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What is this "All Kinds" Open Mic Night all about?

You've heard of, or maybe even been a performer, or audience member at an "open mic" night. These usually involve comedy, music, and sometimes poetry or prose readings.

FCBC wanted to bring another dimension to that concept and decided to hold a wide-open event on the second Saturday of every month from 8 to 11 PM.

All kinds of art is welcome to our mic and stage. Music, poetry, comedy, prose, dramatic readings, theater pieces, interpretative dance... whatever you can think of, we can host it here!
We are looking to re-think the traditional open mic into an artistic stage. Come down and share what you've got with us! - -Full Circle Book Coop/ Facebook


So if you're a dancer, come and dance. A poet? Share some of yours. A painter? Do your killer "Bob Ross" impression and "add a few little trees, because it's your painting!". A comedian? "Make 'em laugh!"

Well, you get the idea.

For more information see Full Circle Book Coop online, or on Facebook.

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