Isn't that what the kids do on social media now? #TBT or "Throwback Thursday" for the not so hip crowd. Here's my throwback thursday.

#TBT to the arguably greatest running back of all-time retired with 15,269 yards and 99 touchdowns. Oh yeah, all while playing on a bad team and retiring at the age of 30.

Barry Sanders without question is the most electrifying player of all-time, and in case you have forgotten oh amazing he was, here's a reminder.

The title of this video is actually perfect, because he actually was untouchable in the open field and even if a defender managed to get a hand on him, they weren't tackling Sanders alone.

I personally think that Sanders is the greatest back of all-time. Had he been on a half decent team or even a team that had a offensive line, he would likely be the all-time leader in rushing yards.

Sanders led the league in negative rushing yards many times because the lines offensive line was absolutely horrible. He only had two Pro Bowl players in front of him but they were at different times. Imagine his numbers had he been behind the Dallas Cowboys line.

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