Was Donald Trump behind a PR campaign a few years ago that stopped rock star Bon Jovi from buying the Buffalo Bills?

Yes, says a man who claims Trump paid him to say Jon Bon Jovi wanted to move the team to Canada.

You may remember three years ago Bon Jovi was trying to buy the Buffalo Bills and a group calling themselves the 'Twelfth Man Thunder' stepped in to stop him.

The group convinced Bills fans to boycott Bon Jovi's music because he planned to move the NFL team to Toronto, Canada.

Now a PR guy who created the group says Donald Trump, who also was trying to buy the team, paid him to sabotage Bon Jovi's bid.

In the end, it didn't make a difference - neither one got the team. The Bills were bought by the owners of the Buffalo Sabers, the area's NHL hockey team.

Source: USA Today

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