The 2015 World Series sure started with bang as the baseball world was treated to an extra innings thriller last night with the Kansas City Royals coming out on top to take game one. It was an exciting game down to the very last out in one of the longest World Series games in history. Both teams spared nothing last night, the Mets used standout starter Bartolo Colon, and the Royals utilized the speed of Jarrod Dyson and so much more, all in the name of a game one win: after all, the importance of game one cannot be overlooked.

Sure it is one game out of a potentially seven game series, but game one isn't just any old game, it's the statement game. Game one is the game that sets the tone and sets up the game one winner with a sizable advantage. No crazy talk going on here and no biased to speak of, just let the numbers speak for themselves. If we take a look back at the past ten World Series match-ups, all but one of them have an eerily similarity between them. Nine out of the past ten World Series Winners have all won game one of the World Series. Of those nine World Series champions, six of them started off winning game one by at least four points. Out of those six game one winners, only two had to go six or seven games for the crown while the other four needed only five. Taking a look at those four World Series’ match-ups, two of them made short work of their opponents with complete sweeps.

To go even further, viewing each championship winning team by the numbers proves that the game one winners often have the better offenses, and not just in the World Series but throughout the entire postseason. Out of those nine game one winners, six of those teams did not need a game seven to send them to the big dance.

This isn't superstitious talk, as I'm not much of a superstitious person. There's no need for superstitious thinking, especially after "Back to the Future" got their prediction of a Cubs World Series victory wrong. Nine times out of ten the past will foreshadow the future, just like the past nine out of ten World Series Champions have been game one winners. The Kansas City Royals are certainly in the driver’s seat in this years' World Series match-up after their game one win. It's still a little early to tell the full outcome but based on past experiences, the Kansas City Royals certainly have the edge in this years’ World Series.