Usually, when you hear of a motor vehicle and a deer colliding, the deer loses in a big way. Sometimes that is not the case, especially when it's cute and funny.

A home security camera captured the moment when a whitetail fawn was running at top speed through a residential neighborhood and stops cold when it collides snout first with a Tesla.

It is not known where this little speedster was but the impact didn't seem to have too negative of an effect on it.

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To a human being with our wonderfully sharp and colorful vision, there is no way we would run face-first into an object as large as a car. Deer however don't see nearly as well as we do. It is thought that deer have something like 20/100 vision and we also know that they are quite colorblind, although they are quite adept at seeing things in the ultraviolet spectrum that helps them see in darker conditions.

When it comes to other senses, deer have us beat by miles, specifically their sense of smell. And it isn't even close. It is thought that humans have somewhere between 5 million and 50 million scent receptors in our noses. That's a really big number, and we can smell pretty well. Deer on the other hand, according to the latest research, likely have over a billion scent receptors inside their much larger nasal cavities.

I've seen deer walk by me completely oblivious to my presence until the moment they got downwind of me. They instantly looked right at me based on scent and had me zeroed in. Then they bolted.

But I hope this little guy's nose is still working the way it's supposed to after crushing it on a car door.

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