If you mess with a mama elk cow, you will get smashed. Ask this mountain lion, who was out to get an easy meal.

The video below was posted on the Wild Animal 102 Instagram page. This page features videos and pictures that remind you how wild animals survive, hunt, and live in the wild.

***If you're an animal lover and have a weak stomach, be advised it's pretty tough to watch.

After watching the video several times, the outcome doesn't look good for the elk calf, but the cow ensures the mountain lion doesn't mess with any more babies. Watch this video again, and you'll see the boxing skills of this mother elk. Even if she couldn't save her baby, she wouldn't let the mountain lion get away with the baby without a fight. She stamped the lion silly.

A fully grown mature cow elk can stand 4 1/2 feet tall at the shoulders and weigh up to 600 lbs. Their hooves can be deadly weapons, too. The cow elk's defense mechanism is her ability to box by kicking their front legs at a high rate of speed.

Even though she was trying to defend the young elk, it looks like it took a couple of mom hoof punches, and the outcome doesn't look good. The video cuts off before we can see if the mountain lion or the baby elk get up and leave the area, but seeing this mother fighting for her young is impressive.

Oh, the things most mothers will do for their young.

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