To their credit, the Minnesota Twins are always looking for ways to enhance the fan experience at Target Field. Recently, they announced a new celebration sign and revolving baseball medallion that will be in place for the 2023 season.

Today, they announced another change and this one is geared towards making a better, more convenient, and more cost-efficient family experience at Target Field.

In a news release, the Minnesota Twins and Delaware North, who are the club’s exclusive food, beverage, and retail partner, announced the addition of a third “Family Value” concession stand at Target Field. They also announced the relocation of another to a more accessible spot in the ballpark, and the slight lowering of prices on all food and beverage offerings available at these select, value-driven locations.

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These family-friendly changes will be in place for the Twins’ 2023 Home Opener on Thursday, April 6. Moving forward, Target Field will feature a new “Family Value” concession stand located at Section 120 of the main concourse (directly behind 3rd base). A second, View level stand will relocate from Section 327 (down the leftfield line) to Section 311 (behind home plate), providing greater access for ticketholders throughout the entire level. A third stand will remain in Section 133 (in right-centerfield), where it has been since the program’s inception in 2019, for those guests seated in the outfield.

The Twins add that all three of these stands will feature value-based, family-friendly pricing for some of Target Field’s most popular food items and self-serve, touchscreen kiosks to expedite the ordering and purchasing process. The new, lower “Family Value” prices for the 2023 season at Target Field are:

  • Hot Dog - $3.99
  • Popcorn - $2.99
  • Nachos - $3.99
  • Soft Pretzel - $3.99
  • Peanuts - $2.99
  • 16oz Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Mountain Dew, or Sierra Mist - $1.99
  • 12oz Budweiser or Bud Light - $4.99

Another cool new addition is that standard concession stands throughout Target Field will now feature unlimited fountain soda refills with the purchase of a 32-ounce souvenir cup.

“Enjoying good food and drink is a huge part of the ballpark experience for every guest, and it is absolutely paramount that we give our fans – especially those bringing families to the game – affordable options at convenient locations throughout Target Field,” said Twins President & CEO Dave St. Peter. “We are proud to partner with Delaware North to provide Twins fans with a low price point for many of their favorite concessions, while also making it easier to access these value-based menus.”

As for what other menu options will be available this season at Target Field, the Twins, and Delaware North will unveil Target Field’s complete 2023 food and beverage lineup at the club’s “Taste of the Twins” food tour, which takes place Monday, April 3 beginning at 10:30 a.m. in Truly On Deck.

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