We all strive to be good people, but we all fall short, to some degree.

It's hard to go through an entire lifetime without some sort of transgression. And some of us commit acts much more heinous than others. So, while you're still beating yourself up for calling your brother a "poopy head" all those years ago, take some solace in the fact that somebody somewhere probably stole a 20 from his girlfriend to take the girl he's cheating with out to dinner. It's just the way this twisted world works.

WatchCut has put out this video (note some NSFW language) asking 100 people to pull back the curtain on the worst thing they've ever done. As you might imagine, some people's sins are clearly more egregious than others.

Some highlights -- or lowlights, as the case may be:

  • "I kind of threw my cat out the window."
  • "I shoplifted at my grandma's store."
  • "I've done a couple of hit and runs."

That's some bad stuff, but don't worry. The video has some low-level confessions ("Riding my bike without a helmet" and "I overfed my goldfish when I was younger and it died" come to mind) along with some pretty heady things about dating and arguing with family, so if you feel like you need a shower because of what you've done, maybe take a watch and realize it could be worse.

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