Last week I was in Italy staying in the Tuscan Hills for a wedding that will probably never be topped in my book, but I'm not writing this to share my vacation stories with you.

I'm here to tell you about the most badass "sport" and one of the most badass dudes that I've ever seen. It's called the Calcio Storico, a mix between MMA, rugby and some basketball that happens every June in the city of Florence.

I met one of the players at the wedding last week and the guy honestly looked like Tom Hardy in Warrior. At one point during the evening I made my way over to him and despite the language barrier, began to talk to him about this sport.

After a few tries, he told me that he had been playing for a few years and loves to play forward. So basically he's at the front line and beats the living crap out of people.

He then informed me that despite the actual scoring rules where a player must shoot the ball into the goal or cage, most players follow just three simple rules: 1) No groin shots, 2) No double teaming an opponent 3) No fighting the referee.

Whatever the rules are, this sports has to have the most badass and scariest athletes that I've ever seen.

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