I got asked a very intriguing question the other day by one of my listeners during our Monday Mailbag segment on my show Overtime.

The question was: Who will have better numbers and be considered the better NBA player when their career is over, George Hill or Nate Wolters?

Both players are considered the best talents to come out of the Summit League and the question becomes very interesting when you look at their potential.

George Hill, who went to IUPUI, has been in the NBA for 5 seasons playing for the San Antonio Spurs and currently for the Indiana Pacers.

Nate Wolters is only in his rookie campaign out of South Dakota State, but is getting the opportunity to start some games and is clocking quality minutes for the Milwaukee Bucks.

Clearly we have a much larger sample size with Hill and his numbers, but I think we can take what Wolters has done in his rookie year and apply it some to this debate.

Personally, I sort of copped out of the question on the air and I essentially will do the same thing here.  But by doing so, I think I actually came to the right conclusion.

Over his career, George Hill has averaged 10.8 PPG, 3.0 APG and 2.9 RPG.  In the 2012-2013 Season, Hill played his most minutes per game at 34.5 and had his best numbers overall which were a little inflated compared to his career average.

Wolters in year one is averaging 7.1 PPG, 3.3 APG and 2.6 RPG.

Just as Hill's numbers have gone up over his career, I anticipate Wolters will as well.  Plus, the other thing that bodes well in the near future for personal stats in regards to Wolters is the fact that the Bucks aren't very good and he will continue to garner minutes, which equals experience and breeds more production.

While Hill, is on a Championship contending team and depending on the matchup each night and production from others on the roster, Hill's minutes and opportunities may alter night to night.

Getting back to the question.  Who will have better NBA numbers when their career is over?

I went with Wolters having the better rebounding and assist numbers while I see Hill having the better PPG totals.

Either way, after speaking with Summit League Commissioner Tom Douple and Senior Associate Commissioner Myndee Kay Larson, both agree the path these two have paved for future Summit League stars is one the league is proud of.

Time will tell on who has the better numbers when their careers end and a lot of it will be determined by health and their environment, but clearly these two are carrying the banner well for the Summit League.