Nate Wolters made his NBADL debut on Saturday night playing for his new team, the Grand Rapids Drive.

The best part about it all was that his debut came on the road, in Sioux Falls, SD at the Sanford Pentagon only about 50 minutes south of where Wolters made his name on the college level with SDSU.

Wolters clocked 22 minutes and scored 5 points with 4 assists.

Moving forward though, what is the future of Nate Wolters in the NBADL?

His NBA career got off to a good start last year as his rookie campaign consisted of the whole year in Milwaukee with the Bucks and he began his second year with them as well.

But after being cut by the Bucks, Wolters landed a 10 day contract with the New Orleans Pelicans before being cut there as well.

There was no news on Wolters after being cut by New Orleans until last week when rumors started that he may be entering the NBA D-League pool of free agents.

That is exactly what he did and eventually found himself being picked up by the Grand Rapids Drive, however, I don't think that will be his home for long.

Watching Wolters play in the NBA and even over the weekend in his first NBADL game, the improvements still need to be made with his shot especially from long range.

However, that said, Wolters has splendid handles and wonderful court vision, that is clear.

His ability to run the pick n roll offense in a day and age where that is the cup of tea for many NBA coaches allows him to be desirable as a non scoring point guard at the NBA level.

Furthermore, some would think a kid from SDSU only in his second year would still have a lot to learn as far as defense is concerned on the NBA level, but that isn't the case in my opinion.  He plays hard, tough and quicker than some would think on the defensive side of the ball.

Moving forward, the system and fit are going to be extremely important in his development and in his ability to stick with a NBA squad.

Regardless if it happens this NBA season or next, I see Wolters at least making the effort to stay stateside instead of taking the jump overseas to possibly garner a bigger paycheck than that of a NBADL contract.

Nate Wolters career numbers in the NBA are 5.8 points, 2.6 assists and 2.3 rebounds per game.


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