Minnesota Vikings linebacker Chad Greenway joined Jeff Thurn on Tuesday's edition of Overtime to talk about Training Camp and special teams coach Mike Priefer. 

Greenway, a Mount Vernon, South Dakota native, is entering his ninth year in Minnesota.

Greenway talks about his health heading into Training Camp, which begins in Mankato on Thursday on the campus of Minnesota State: 

"Body feels great. Everything is locked and loaded. Ready to go. Clearly, long time for important football starts, but you know Training Camp starts on Thursday. So, we are getting rolling."

How many seasons has Greenway entered the season as healthy as he is now?

"Um. Probably three or four of them. I feel really good. Obviously I didn't have to have any preseason or postseason surgeries. Broken wrist has healed up. So really couldn't get much healthier than I am right now. Obviously the stuff I have dealt with over time is still there, but for the most part, I'm locked and loaded ready to go and hoping to maintain that through training camp."

Is the situation involving special teams coach Mike Priefer, and former punter Chris Kluwe a distraction for this team heading into camp?

"Well, it will be much of a distraction as the media allows it to be. I mean obviously when you get asked that question, it's a hot button issue. You know as players, we need to handle accordingly and be professionals about it."

Priefer was given a three-game suspension for an ongoing investigation of whether he used a homophobic remark in Kluwe's presence when he was with the team.

How would Greenway describe Priefer? 

"Personally I have a lot of respect for Coach Prief. He's obviously a great guy. He served our country and is great for that. Being around him and watching him coach and work, I have a tremendous amount of respect for him. You hate to see anyone go through a situation like this, but yeah, he is a very hard working coach."

To hear more of Greenway's interview with Thurn, listen below:

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