If you are a Dallas Cowboys fan, this is the last news you wanted to hear.

Ezekiel Elliott is planning to holdout from training camp and if a deal isn't done quickly, it could get ugly between the two sides according to CBS Sports.

Not only will Elliott not be at camp during a hold out, he will be out of the country.

According to Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio, "Running back Ezekiel Elliott may or may not be there.  Per a league source, Elliott currently is believed to be making plans for a trip out of the country."

This will certainly take the hold out to a new level and Elliott is taking a calculated risk that this move will give him more leverage and that he wont alienate the Cowboys fan base who has stuck with him over the years.

Since entering the NFL, Elliott has been one of the best backs in the league but has found his own bit of trouble along the way including a suspension for a incident that happened during his college days at Ohio State.

Through it all, he's produced and now he wants to get paid like one of the best running backs in the NFL and it will be interesting to see if the Cowboys fold to his demands.