The fourth of July weekend is almost here. Many of us (myself included) are looking forward to the food just as much as the fireworks. But, when it comes to grilling, there is definitely a list of dos and don'ts. Here are a few tips to remember when grilling this weekend.

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Leave Your Meat in the Same Spot: When I first started grilling as a kid, I was moving burgers, steaks, chicken all over the place. Turns out, that's not a good idea. To keep the best flavor, leave the meat in place, and only flip it once.


Don't Flatten Your Meat: Sometimes we think if we flatten our burgers, they will cook faster. That's not the case and you'll lose a lot of the best flavors your meat has to offer when you smush it on the grill.

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Don't Put on Too Much Sauce: We all love our sauces, right? Well too much saucing can actually be a bad thing. The more sauce you put on while grilling, the more likely it is that you'll get charred meat. According to the experts, glaze your meat with the sauce when you're about 75 percent of the way towards the finish line.


Let It Breathe: I get it. You've been standing over the barbeque, smelling all of those delicious smells, watching it cook on a fiery grill, and now you immediately want to chow down. But it's best to let the juices settle in the meat. Give your meat about 10 minutes to breathe before you sit down to eat and you'll thank yourself later.

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