The community of Harrisburg is coming together to help a 13-year-old student who has suffered from a rare form of cancer.

Dylan Bourassa was diagnosed with Malignant Ewing Sarcoma that caused him to have his left leg amputated earlier this year. It started as just a standard foot injury, but after it wasn't healed properly more testing found the rare form of cancer. Dylan is a 8th grade student, and will be going through another round of chemotherapy during the holiday season.

He is planning on returning to school after the holiday break for the second semester.

The community of Harrisburg is launching #DimesForDylan, a program through the Harrisburg basketball teams that will raise money for Dylan and his family.

#DimesForDylan is easy to be a part of. As a way to assist Dylan, Donors can pledge a certain dollar amount for the amount of assists the boys and girls varsity teams pick up throughout the season. The amount per assist is up to the donor, and one-time donations are also accepted.

Signing up is easy also. Those interested in helping with the #DimesforDylan campaign can sign up to do so at the upcoming varsity basketball games on December 22, January 3, January 6, and January 7. Registrations are also accepted online by clicking here.

Donors who pledge for every assist will be contacted at the end of the season for the total amount. The campaign can also be followed on Twitter and Facebook.

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